How Low Are We Gonna Go?

This past week the College Board stripped down the A.P. curriculum for African American Studies. This course is for learning and researching the African diaspora to teach and understand our history. The African American journey has never been the focus of education. We are taught European history and early American history growing up. I learned more about African American history teaching it to myself.

Now more than ever, the importance of integrating African American Studies into the College Board curriculum should be applauded, as should queer theory and intersectionality. Yet that ugly white supremacy that comes from the beginning of our historical landing on this land was pushed hard enough to take away the course. Sure, the information is available, but if it isn’t part of the curriculum, we continue to make sure that most aren’t educated on these topics keeping prejudices alive and kicking.

What happened in Memphis this past week is so horrific that I don’t understand where that kind of behavior comes from. How much more can this country take, or perhaps I am in the minority? There is always a bottoming out, isn’t there? I can’t help but wonder, how low are we going to go?