More on Covid Reflections

We can all wonder how Covid will be reflected in the history books. The impact on mental health, the ones we lost, the art that will be produced, the books that will be written, the movies that will be made, or our memories.

I love how Liz put it out there by simply asking, “how do we unpack Covid”? The answers came in, and they are all worth reading. In part, each of these stories validates that nobody walked away from Covid unscathed. The takeaway is traumatic events have to be processed. Perhaps the silver lining in all of this is the importance of understanding and taking care of one’s mental health has become a topic that is finally top of everyone’s minds and in public conversation.

Here are a few quotes:

“Together we are finding our way – and that exhilarating NYC rhythm – one event at a time.” “The shutdown made me realize many things about myself and my relationships.” “I found change in the end; change that as I look back, I appreciate every day.”

You can read them here.