Why Do Many Americans Want to Ignore History?

As I get older, I have become more obsessed with history, any history. To understand anything, you must look at where things began.

History is part of their continual narrative in other parts of the world, mainly Europe. Perhaps that is because they physically lived through many destructive wars, where America began with people fleeing a Government that did not allow for economic and religious freedom.

Some Americans only like the present. Forget the past; let’s stick to the narrative that keeps white men in power. Black history shall be erased, how we destroyed the Native Americans upon our arrival, ignore the impact that women have made, cancel out people whose sexual choices do not fit in, and pretend that everything is “the best” when it comes to America.

From Florida’s leadership attempting to cut all Black history (Black history is all of our histories) out of their curriculum to Wyoming banning abortion pills. The conservatism mindset is counterintuitive to how our founding fathers began this country, although they did remain in power once they got here.

I want to believe that we are at a pivotal point in our country because the next generation is starting to rise to the top in our Government. They grew up with the internet and can see our actual history. They grew up with guns becoming the leading cause of death for children. They have watched multiple banks on the brink of collapse. They have seen huge disparities from the digital divide to homelessness. They have seen a wealthy country incapable of breaking systemic change in the poor and underserved communities. They have had too many bake sales for issues they care about and seem to empathize with others.

Am I crazy or just optimistic that our history will not be erased but acknowledged and become an integral part of the conversation as we grow older as a nation?