Federal Government Reliance

Our Federal Government is the largest bureaucratic business on the planet. Two businesses come to mind, FEMA(aka insurance company) and student loans. There are also tax deductions from home ownership to growing corn, funding of programs from after-school activities to addiction centers, and transportation, including roads and bridges. I am barely touching on how much is funded.

On average, the Federal Government is a percentage of each state’s budget. Numbers are truth. Red states lead with dependence on the Federal Government because many conservative red states tax their communities at a lower rate. They make up for the loss through Federal funding, although the impact is massive social issues. The blue states pay higher tax dollars to the Federal Government, and the red states get most of those taxes for their ills. Essentially the blue states pay for the red states to function; red gets what the blue gives.

Red states have higher murder rates, less educated, and drug abuse. All of this information is data that nobody seems to talk about. Why can’t the media hammer on the data? The data points to paying taxes at a certain amount makes a state run more efficiently for those living there. There is so much more we could do, but there is a reason that crime, guns, addiction, and poor education are prevalent in our country.

How much more would caring for those struggling to be part of a working society cost? The economic impact would be huge. And then yesterday, I read that Yale did a study that says Medicare for all would save our country $450B a year and prevent 70,000 deaths.

Am I missing something? Human empathy?