Let’s Applaud the Creatives

Why do we not applaud the creatives?

Creative people are the foundation of everything. Artists, writers, actors, musicians, innovators, designers, and thought providers. Creativity defines the times more than anything when we look at history. Looking back at any decade, we see how creatives described the times.

Currently, the Writers Guild of America is on strike. These creatives write for film, television, news, radio, and other mediums. These are not people who want to run Hulu or Netflix; they want to do what they are good at, creating content that we all love to see and read.

All these companies’ executives have created the mess, not the creatives. It is only fair that the creatives get paid appropriately for what they do.

There would not be TV shows with creatives, there would not be movies without creatives, and there would not be radio shows without creatives.

This applies to anything where it is the creatives that make the industry. Guess what? They make up almost every industry except banking. There would not be galleries without the artists. There would not be start-ups without the founders. There would not be publishers without the writers. There would not be universities without professors. There wouldn’t be any industry without the creatives.

It is time we acknowledge the creatives as equals to those running the businesses. The business leaders might offer the platform and the capital, but no one would be worth anything without creative minds. The disconnect between what the top executives make and what the creatives make needs to change. The next generation is calling for it.