Has The Right Won or Lost?

Years ago, when I sat on our kid’s school board, we wanted to expand the high school’s physical footprint. The Trinity Church owned a slew of buildings in the neighborhood. Fun fact, in 1705, Queen Anne bequeathed a gift of 215 acres to the Trinity Church after the British took over New Amsterdam, making the Trinity Church one of the largest landholders in NYC.

What blew me away about how the church negotiated is that they made decisions in centuries. They were never in a hurry, they could care less if they sold a property, and they thought about everything in the very long term. I found it impressive, considering I am happy to make a decision any second of the day.

Many recent Supreme Court decisions point directly to the long game the right has played. Their desire to control the cultural narrative of women and education started long ago, and they are finally seeing their efforts come to fruition. It feels as if we are watching an underground society finally take over the reins.

The problem is that their decisions are entirely out of whack with most of our society. They are hurting our society. This is creating a more significant divide people around the world are a bit confused about how to work with us. The economy might be fine, but the anxiety levels are insanely high.

What happens now? Do the states take over and pass different laws making the Supreme Court decisions null and void in that state? Does this help the Democrats start to see wins in districts that have never voted blue?

This is all playing out in real-time. I want to believe this will hinder the conservative right, but so far, all I see is anxiety, frustration, and anger.