The Cult

I am pretty sure I am not the only person blown away by how Trump has built a full-on cult in public.

It’s fascinating yet terrifying and unbelievable.  Why?  How did this happen?  What are all these people looking for and appearing to have found in Trump?  

He lies.  Everything coming out of his mouth is a full-on lie.  He is a severe grifter. He is a criminal. Yet his cult doesn’t care.  They support him nonetheless, and that includes the people running against him or already in office. However, god knows what they say in private. 

Is it his disgust with the Government?  Is it his calling out how dysfunctional it is?  Has he just tapped into something that we are all aware of, yet his cult has been so disgusted and ignored (depending on the cult member) that they follow him regardless?

This man has been and is in multiple lawsuits and has been held accountable by a jury of his peers.  Not by Government officials.  Not by the Democrats but by his peers.  After all, lest we forget, I am talking to you, Marjorie Greene; this is what defines our country as a democracy. So, throwing the charges under the bus says we should return to a lawless, wild world.

There is such anger. As tourists of other countries, we have become entitled Americans, such as what just happened at the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps. We suddenly have no moral decency.  What has made us so angry?

Is it the expectation that we have been fed a narrative that our country is so great? Our healthcare system sucks, we don’t have enough housing, and we underpay our teachers, creating the next generation of undereducated humans. Shall I go on?

How do we fix all of this? Is this just part of our evolution? Will America find its path again?  

We might peak after watching Elon and Zuckerberg get into a ring and beat the shit out of each other. Somehow, that seems insanely appropriate.