What A Week

There is nothing quite like the return to NYC in September. New spots are opening, the street beat is stronger than ever, the traffic returns, evenings get a bit cooler, and it feels good.

Gotham began with a photo shoot. I am excited to see how we use all this content. Rachel Bell, the head of social media and the genius behind “Hi I’m High,” put together this video on the street sets. Turn up the sound to hear.

We also hit up some of the new spots to eat in NYC. We had dinner at Chelsea Cafe, located in the updated Chelsea Hotel. As always, Sean MacPherson has an incredible sense of design and can create a vibe like no other. I can’t say much about the meal, but the room kills.

Had lunch at Fish Cheeks. It has been open for a while, and I never got there. The people behind Fish Cheeks just opened the Bangkok Supper Club in the West Village, right near me! The chicken wings are good, but the crab rice is a serious win.

Roscioli is another new spot located on the corner of King and MacDougal. There is a small shop upstairs, among multiple seating areas for those who walk in. There is something about the downstairs rooms that feels like something hidden away during prohibition. They are serving tasting menus paired with wine. Seatings are at 6 and 830. There was a bit of a flair for the drama in the cellar where we sat. I want to see what they do when the menu goes a la carte. The best thing we had was the meatballs.

We received new art pieces by Andrew Zuckerman, who worked with our farmers to create these beautiful pieces. Might have to pick up one for myself—a limited edition of ten.

On the way out east for the holidays, we stopped by the apartment building we are building at 118 Waverly in BK. It looks fantastic. Rentals will become available in late spring or early summer. Pretty exciting.

Unfortunately, I had to miss the opening of the Perelman Arts Center this week, although I can hardly wait to see a production there. Gotham Gives is proud to be part of making a much-needed cultural center in downtown NYC. And then seeing all the pumpkins and gourds at the farmers market with that nip in the air felt perfect.

I can hardly wait for the week ahead!