Cannabis Stats

More and more cannabis research is finally being done in the United States. The stats are not surprising to someone like me, who has been consuming for a long time.

Let’s start with the emergency rooms. Multiple conservative senators have touted (and I sure have never got stoned) that Federally legal cannabis will overwhelm our emergency rooms. WRONG! Visitations to the emergency room are 50% lower in legal cannabis states vs illegal cannabis states.

Seniors are choosing cannabis over pharma products. Let’s start with anyone over fifty who is absolutely thrilled that they can buy legal weed because many were smokers back in the day. Many are on pharmaceuticals and are willing to try something else. Ends up Oxi did not do the pharmaceutical companies any favors. Everyone I know is a bit wary of taking pharma drugs, particularly around pain and sleep, where cannabis fits the bill.

Many stoner celebs, except for Seth Rogan, are turning to edibles. Different strokes but smoking weed is still number one, but edibles are coming in these days as a strong second.

And last, although not weed-related, again, not shocking. Companies that have flexible work policies outperform companies that do not. Giving people control of their lives is better for everyone.

Data is always the shining light these days with the social media doom and gloomers. And for all those Senators who are opposed, and that includes Biden, hit me up, let’s go smoke a joint together. Maybe we can knock some sense of reality into your head.