Helicopter Parents

The term helicopter parents was coined in 1969 by Dr. Haim Ginott. It describes overprotective parents who hover over their children, believing that these efforts will ensure they succeed and are protected from danger.

I have always wondered how these kids will survive on their own. How will they become independent adults when, throughout their childhood, someone was over-protecting them, doing their homework, taking care of everything, and never allowing them to forge their destiny?

Being overprotective creates a sense of fear that the world is a dangerous place. It keeps kids from engaging in the opportunity to build their relationships and learn social skills. Over time, it restricts their ability to be adults. Kids have to fail to succeed; we all do.

Kids are all different like adults. Everyone has their quirks, assets, thought processes, and behaviors. I do believe in nurture, but nature is pretty damn powerful.

There has been research done on this topic. Although not exact, it appears that many of the children whom helicopter parents have raised have been found to have a more challenging time emotionally, from depression to anxiety, which leads to mental health issues as these kids always need to look for guidance.

Each generation of parents parent differently. I am fascinated with how people interact with their adult children as well as their small children. Nobody gets it perfect; that is life because life is complicated, and people are complicated. But the hovering, I never got it.