Store Shopping

E-commerce has changed our lives, as have many technology innovations and companies, but I will focus on shopping.

Being able to order from a computer and have everything show up at your door within a day or more is game-changing. Whatever you need is at your fingertips. Sometimes, you don’t even realize you need it until that item shows up in your Instagram feed. I am at a loss trying to think of what I haven’t purchased online.

This past weekend, Fred needed to replace his winter coat. He likes to go into a store when he shops. He knows what he wants, so shuffling through racks is not in his DNA. We went to Stone Island, where his last coat was from, to buy a new one. The store is not overwhelming, well organized, and soothing in vibe with attentive salespeople. It was a great experience. It’s kind of great to walk in, find the coat, try it on, buy it, and leave with the purchase in hand.

Then, later in the evening, we had some time to kill time after the movie and before dinner. We walked up to a store I go to on Bond Street, Dear Rivington because Fred needed something else. Again, it was an incredible experience. He tried on a few things, and they worked. The owners are lovely. We went to a store that we knew would have the type of thing we were looking for, and that makes all the difference in the world.

The importance of retail at the street level will never go away. It has been here for thousands of years and will continue. There is something about purchasing and walking out with it in your hand. There is something about engaging with a good salesperson. There is something about community that you can feel in the right store.

The importance of keeping a mixture of ground-floor retail on the streets of NY or any big city sets the tone for the neighborhood. We loved our retail therapy weekend.