A Random Ask

This past Friday night, I met some friends at Gotham before we went out for dinner. They were in town from LA and wanted to check out the store and try out the NY cannabis products.

After smelling, looking, and talking to Gotham’s knowledgeable staff, we bought a tin of Sessions Peanut Butter Bombs—a fun, giggly, upbeat strain. Then, we began our stroll down to 87 Ludlow Street, a Filipino Spanish tapas spot. As we walked down 2nd Avenue, almost to Houston Street, a young man paused before walking ahead of us. From the corner of my eye, I could see he was asking my friend a question, so we all stopped.

He asked if he could have a hit of our joint; it smelled so good, and he just wanted one hit. I was not sure we were excited to share with some random person, so instead, I offered him his own joint. He said it wasn’t necessary, but I pushed and told him I was the founder of Gotham, and he should go there but take the joint in the meantime. He told us he was rarely in this area and lived near Hudson Yards. I also mentioned to him we deliver.

We gave him a joint; we asked if he needed a light or a lighter. He appreciated it and said he would now go home and smoke it. We said our goodbyes and hoped he enjoyed the smoke.

It was a lovely NY moment. There is something about the joint. It is communal. People share and talk. These days, we need more of this on our streets than anything else.