The Community Fund

Taking on the role of Chair of the Community Fund has been one of the highlights of the past year. Not only do we have a tremendous and growing board that includes NYCHA residents, but we also have an incredible executive director, Alex Zablocki. His leadership is invaluable.

We have had quite the year at the Community Fund. We rebranded with a new name and a new look. We became an entity whose only mission is to support the residents of NYCHA. We work daily on transforming the life of one of seventeen NYers living in NYCHA, which is equivalent to more than 500,000 people. We do that by engaging with people and partnerships for programs that will grow and touch more NYers in the future. That includes upgrading the parks in each of those communities.

NYCHA communities are more than just buildings; they are vibrant neighborhoods with families, seniors, and young individuals positively contributing to our city, all deserving of a safe, nurturing environment with abundant opportunity. NYCHA residents comprise the most economically disadvantaged population in New York City. Fifty percent of NYCHA residents live below the poverty level, compared to 20% citywide.  

This year, we awarded a record number of NYCHA-CUNY scholarships to 79 residents, supporting hundreds of youth through leadership development programs, engaging thousands of residents in open space design projects impacting 15,000 residents, celebrating graduates of our workforce programs, to record fundraising accomplishments, 2023 has been a banner year. But as always, we have more work to do to address the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of the NYCHA community.

Regardless of size, every contribution brings us closer to a brighter future for NYCHA residents. Think about joining our Board of Directors to support our city through the “Together for NYCHA” campaign. Your generosity will help provide residents with higher educational and career opportunities, leadership development skills building and training, health and wellness programs, access to opportunities where barriers exist, and foster community engagement and empowerment.

  • $10: Supports food for participants in leadership development and workforce training programs. 
  • $30: Supports transportation access to programs for youth and families.
  • $100: Provides a laptop (ChromeBook) to participants of our programs.
  • $250: Provides one stipend directly to youth and adults. 
  • $500: Supports participant stipend, transportation, and food costs.
  • $1,000: Supports a bus for youth and senior field trips; sponsors one NYCHA-CUNY scholarship in 2024.
  • $5,000: Sponsors five NYCHA-CUNY scholarships in 2024.
  • $10,000: Sponsors ten NYCHA-CUNY scholarships in 2024.
  • $25,000: Plays a pivotal role in transformative community change by sponsoring an entire youth-centered leadership development program in 2024. (up to 20 participants)

It is my absolute joy as a NYer to lead this organization.