White Conservatives

What is wrong with change? Why do people hold on to their ideals versus letting themselves evolve as humans? Why does a small group of people get to make decisions that are out of line with the society they represent? Change always wins, period. Why must the fear of change create such havoc getting to change?

We have come so far as women, yet how is it that white men decide the fate of women’s bodies? These men are tethered to the past, where they controlled everything. Is that what the majority of America wants? The data tell us no, but somehow, when Kate Cox needed to get an abortion, a white man decided that she wasn’t eligible, and there was no room for singular decisions in Texas last week. The outcry needs to be stronger, but perhaps the only thing we can all do is vote these people out of office.

Our Government looks weaker every day. We are watching white Conservative men linked with dumb white women dis each other instead of doing their job to create policies that make America better every day. Policies that represent the majority of Americans should be made.

These Conservative people have taken the long game, so here we are. Look around and actually read the data. Are we being represented? Does it still make sense for each state to have two senators? Granted, I am in the liberal camp, but from my view, holding on to the past is going to get uglier before it gets better.