Why Do We Assume It Was A Man?

Have you ever noticed that when someone brings up an industry, be it current or historical, the first thing that comes to mind is what man is behind it, started it, or came up with it? Why? Is it because patriarchy is a Ponzi scheme?

A friend shared Anu Atluru’s substack with me that asked the question, “Why Are All the Public Intellectuals Men? I have thought about that question for a very long time. Not only do women network differently, they have different priorities that keep their public successes under wraps. It is something that is locked into a narrative that has been set for centuries. When narratives are established, people follow suit. The media sets the standard every single day.

The media has pushed men to the top by simply citing men as the “experts.” It is easy to find the men, not as easy to find the women but trust me, they are out there. All of this begins at a young age. Look at the film industry and what children watch from a young age. How many strong female characters are there? Women are still being represented stereotypically, although those stereotypical models are not necessarily steeped in reality anymore. Were they ever?

I started with three new career changes during the COVID lockdown: opening up Gotham, Chairing (although that was not the starting plan) the Public Housing Community Fund, and creating a documentary series called Walking Through Walls. The first two have been achieved, and the third one, although thoroughly researched and ready for prime time, has yet to happen.

Walking Through Walls highlights women throughout US history who have had a massive impact on our lives, connecting with women leaders today. We began with entrepreneurs, but of course, there are sports figures, playwrights, artists, and any vertical has game-changing women at the top that few know about. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Most of our impressions start at a young age. You can’t be it or even understand it if you can’t see it. Young men and women need to learn more about the female thought leaders throughout history to change the next generations’ look at the world. It is a problem worth solving.

I still need to make the trifecta in my COVID career changes. I do hope I get there.