Change Costs Money

I have read some stories about future changes that cost significantly, but the reward came back in spades.

For instance, a school district installed solar panels that saved enough kilowatts of energy through a $250k expense that generated almost $2m in surplus. That allowed them to raise teachers’ salaries. Someone is thinking.

Then I read about a downtown area that had not changed since the 50’s but decided to bring in greenery and walking areas. The entire area became so inviting that it changed the community, brought in businesses, and, in turn, tax revenue. Someone here is thinking, too.

We should all think like this: instead of cutting taxes, how about spending them wisely to create economies? I witness and work with too many Government agencies that have not changed but are layered with red tape, jobs that don’t need to exist, and costs that make zero sense. The money that goes into many of these agencies is just enough to keep the seats in the chairs. It is time for people in local government to shake the leaves and look to the future.

When I read about these types of changes, it always brings a smile to my face. I have become so cynical from the white noise of absurd rhetoric that these changes represent a glimmer of hope. The future always wins.