The End of Positively Gotham Gal

I began building out the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival in the fall of 2010. My partner, Nancy Hechinger, was a professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and believed there were not enough women in tech. I wasn’t convinced about that, but I did believe that women network differently, and they were out there. To back up my theory, I began writing about women entrepreneurs almost weekly from November 2010 through 2016. We launched WEFest in January 2011, which ran for six incredible years.

Between writing about women, investing in women, and running a women’s festival, I got a front-row seat to a new generation of women using technology platforms to enter and build new industries.

I started to wane on writing those weekly women’s posts and began to think about a new medium. It was a group effort, and the move to the podcast Positively Gotham Gal started in November 2016. I kept that going until sometime last year when my career and bandwidth shifted.

I have had the honor of speaking with over 400 women about their careers and putting their stories out in public, and that doesn’t include the countless women I have talked to about their businesses. It has been a gift. There is no doubt that women should be leading the world. The good news is more women are, and it is about time. A lot of change has happened since 2010.

I want to acknowledge this, as the podcast just stopped without a word. I have shifted my time into building out Gotham, chairing the Public Housing Community Fund, and other things. I am still passionate about helping women rise in their chosen careers. At Gotham, most of our team are women. I have also worked on a docu-series about women that has yet to find someone who wants to take it on, but I will get there.

And so, RIP to the blog posts and podcasts highlighting incredible women. I loved doing it. It was just time for me to change into something new.