Happy International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, perhaps a Hallmark activity, but I bristled after seeing Katie Britt of Alabama deliver the “rebuttal” speech to Biden’s State of the Union speech. At first, I thought she wasn’t real and that it was all AI. This is a woman vying to be Trump’s running mate who seems okay with giving her speech from a kitchen with her large gold cross hanging from her neck. What message is the GOP trying to get across here?

What is frightening is that this woman and I gather others, are okay with women remaining in the kitchen, having no protection over their bodies, not being allowed to have IVF or perhaps birth control, and god knows what else.

Supposedly, Oklahoma wants a database of every woman who has ever had an abortion, a new low for the red states that can’t function without Federal money but seem content with having the worst schools, highest murder rates, and lack of healthcare. And why is Katie okay with this?

After all these years of Mitch McConnell, he could have retired and not supported Trump when he left, but no, he had to put his support behind Trump. The GOP is defending a man convicted and charged with rape, how lovely. How can any sane female get behind a political party that appears hellbent on bringing women back to the kitchen with zero rights over his body?

International Women’s Day is the day to remember women leaders and women’s rights activists who advocated for gender equality and gender justice. Let’s highlight the word equality for Katie Britt and all the other women supporting the GOP.

I understand that the Republican mantra is something that almost 50% of the country believes in. Still, perhaps when it comes to their policies and women’s empowerment, women should begin to vote on this one issue and this one issue alone. Otherwise, I fear that if the Republican dream comes true, we will have a woman abuser in the white house and more women looking like Katie, who appears to be fully medicated, following the speech written for her while cooking in the kitchen with zero rights of her own. I wonder if she is barefoot?