Chat GPT and AI

I am a big fan of the ability to work from home a few days a week. Everyone should have flexibility in their lives. It makes for a happier work culture. Most people do the right thing and get their work done no matter where they hang their hat on a particular day. Then some don’t.

Through my experiences, I know and have heard stories of employees working two jobs simultaneously. God knows why someone would want to do that, but eventually, everyone figures it out. The first question I ask is where integrity has gone.

Perhaps it is easier to pull this off with Chat GPT and AI. We are all asking ourselves how these technologies will change our world. Obviously, they help some people do two jobs at once. However, once that cat is out of the bag, their reputation will never be the same, as if they care.

Fred and I were talking about how this changes education. Our Government has cut back on education funding for decades, and it became very apparent during COVID that we need significant reforms. Everyone learns differently, from creatives to math brains. Some kids are behind the curve; others are way ahead. Technology can change that, allowing teachers to oversee their students in a different light—no longer cookie-cutter curriculums, but access to all curriculums.

When I grew up, I attended Lake Normandy Elementary School in MD. For whatever reason, Montgomery County used this facility as a new way to teach. The building had a library in the middle and quadrants for different grades. For instance, fifth and sixth graders were paired together in multiple areas to learn. A teacher never stood in front of the class but helped us each individually to learn at our own pace, and you had to be a self-starter. Unfortunately, my teacher was a serious stoner who hung out more than interacted with the kids.

I was curious but also a rebel, so instead of becoming the smartest kid in the class, I became the jacks, tetherball, and spit champion while never learning the basics, such as verbs and nouns. When I got to 7th grade, where there were seven classes a day in classic form, I found myself in an English class with the true slackers. I quickly caught up and was put in the top English class, although every day, I faked it until I made it.

Looking back at Lake Normandy, they might have been 50 years ahead of their time. The structure would be perfect for AI. They closed the school years ago, but there are many lessons to learn there. One lesson that should be taught is never to attempt to get away with two jobs at once while keeping your employers in the dark. It is not a good look, and it will eventually bite you in the ass.