Hospitality Pathways Auction

I have been involved with many non-profits led by people who want to make a difference. Sometimes, they replicate what others are doing in the same city; sometimes, they grow into something unique, and other times, they never get off the ground. Hospitality Pathways is unique because it was started by someone who wanted to give back after spending her entire career in hospitality and to share her knowledge with others with the hope that she could help others end up in a career that she loved: hospitality.

We supported this last cohort through The Public Housing Community Fund, and I enjoyed speaking to this past group. We support programs like Hospitality Pathways that help NYCHA residents find careers. Sometimes, finding a job and feeling confident about going and interviewing for that job is not easy for many. You can’t be what you don’t know.

What happened is unprecedented. For the last cohort of 20-plus people, over 700 people applied. That speaks loud and clear that what Beatrice (the founder of Hospitality Pathways) has created is a gift to the community. At Gotham, we have hired incredible people from the last cohort and plan on hiring more.

Of course, the biggest issue is funding. If this was a company and not a non-profit and over 700 people clicked to buy, the investors would come pouring in, but looking and asking for money from foundations and people is a whole other ball game.

And so, Hospitality Pathways is raising money through an auction. The capital raised goes directly to someone sitting in the next class, who will be hired with new knowledge to enter the world of hospitality; many of them will work in cannabis, an industry that has only begun to grow in NYC. I can tell anyone that the people we have hired at Gotham have been wonderful. Many have been with us since the start, and some have been given promotions. That is an impact I always feel good about.

Please bid or give. We do, we have, and we are huge fans.