Olympics on Demand

On average I watch TV an hour a week, swear.  If anything I’ll watch a few sporting events on the weekend while lounging around.  Total background noise.  So for me to park myself in the family room after dinner to watch TV is a total rarity but hey, the winter Olympics are on. 

I really enjoy watching the winter Olympics.  The downhill skiing, jumping, slalom and snowboarding is awesome.  The speed skating is pretty sweet too.  But oh, how I forgot we spend most of the evening watching ads.  We also spend too much time on the 5 – 7 minute "up close and personals" with the sports casters.  It is so annoying.  All I really want to see is the competition in the comfort of my own home. 

NBC is also putting out a show from 730 – 800 called the Olympic Zone.  Pure hype with no sports.  Why don’t they take that time to show us more of the races?  Who knows.

I want Olympics on Demand.  NBC is probably spending a tremendous amount of cash producing the Olympics and bringing it into our homes.  The ads pay for it so that is why we get the pleasure of watching so many.  Why don’t they just set up a few camera persons at each event.  You can choose which one or ones you want to see that night and pay to see them, like pay-per-view. 

I’d be thrilled to pay for the opportunity to sit on my couch and watch the entire day of snowboarding.  No ads, no play by play, perhaps a small interview with the athlete that won the medal (small being the optimal word here) and NBC would make their money through the viewers.  My guess is, in time, that they would have more viewers and make up the costs.  They could also stream over the Internet and you could pay to have access to that too. 

As excited as I am about watching the Olympics, I dread the rat-a-tat-tat that precedes the show and during the events.  So, I tevo it and watch later so I can fast forward over all the crap.  Wouldn’t it be better to make me pay for watching all the racing vs. the hand picked events by NBC. 

Is anyone out there listening?