Visiting Day

Camp_1Saturday was a rainy visiting day.  First rainy day in 8 years, not bad odds.  I have mixed feelings on visiting day.  On one hand it is fantastic to see the kids since they are gone for 8 weeks but on the other hand it isn’t necessary.  I know they are having fun otherwise, I would have heard from the camp. 

I have been reading a variety of articles on kids and camps over the past few weeks. Parents want to keep their kids nearer to home then they had in the past.  Less interest in sending kids away for 8 weeks.

More and more, among younger parents,  I see parents trying to navigate their kids lives for them.  How to do the homework, calling the parents of a friend who they are having problems with, etc.  Lots of new camps that are available are focused on singular sports so that a kid can excel at that sport in their school or add it to the resume for college.  Even intensive SAT training summer programs.  More new camps dedicated to achievement in the summer vs. kicking back and having fun. 

The competition is harder each year to get into the college of your choice.  Why?  Because the parents of this particular generation have created it.  Pushing harder and harder to make sure their kid has every tool imaginable to get into the college of their parents choice.  It is remarkable. 

Recently I saw a quote that I believe is the perfect quote for raising kids.  The best legacy you can give your kids are roots and wings.  I couldn’t agree more.  Give them roots to know where they came from, values they can believe in and fall back on.  By giving kids roots, it allows them to spread their wings.  Feel confident in making decisions by themselves, go to camp and learn to be independent, how to navigate their own issues among friends and school work, grow into the person that they want to be.

The overbearing parents who keep their kids too close to home are doing their kids a huge disservice.  One day those kids turn 18 and they are lost in the world because they were never given wings just big huge strangling roots.