The Spotted Pig

Spotted_pigIt has taken me way too long to get into the Spotted Pig.  I liked it the place the minute we entered the door.  Great pub like atmosphere.  Intimate, small and packed.  Some of the grooviest wait staff I’ve seen. 

We walked in and were seated immediately.  Pure luck.  Maybe because it was only 2 of us. 

The menu has a few different sections.  Bar food, pastas, entrees, appetizers.  We went for a mixture.  Roll mops off the bar menu sounded interesting.  Rolled filleted sardines with a toothpick stuck in the middle and creme fraiche on top.  Delicious.  A bit like herring but the creme fraiche really changed the entire experience. 

We also split 3 appetizers.  A fairly nice sized piece of mozzarella served alongside of red peppers.  Truly spicy.  The peppers were delicious.  The mozzarella could have been a little creamier.  The other was grilled squid over a salad of roasted chick peas, greens and beans.  Absolutely delicious but again incredibly spicy.  I wasn’t prepared and had to track down someone to give us more water.  We didn’t want to chug down our wonderful red wine from the Langaduc region.  The other appetizer was a salad of roasted radishes, small baby arugula with a warm anchovy type vinaigrette and shaved ricotta salata.  This was excellent.  I’d like to make that one at home. 

For a main course we split a hamburger.  Great burger.  Juicy and topped with melting Gorgonzola cheese.  Wow. 

We left happy as a clam.  I only wish that they took reservations.  Summer time is the perfect season to walk into restaurants and get a table.  Unfortunately, other seasons are much more crowded.  If they could only spill that ambiance onto the sidewalk with a little bar to order drinks, I’d hang out and wait.

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  1. Erik Schwartz

    You should put addresses in your restaurant posts (and maps for those in the village).



    (Half time New Yorker, half time Mainer)

  2. cobblestonelover

    i was there last night…next time, you must try the gnudi, and the chocolate nemesis for dessert.