Sushi Yasuda

Although I have never been to Japan, my guess is Sushi Yasuda is like being transported to Japan for the evening.  English was not the language of choice among the patrons at the sushi bar at Sushi Yasuda last night, it was Japanese. 

Fresh fish flown in daily from around the globe.  So many choices.  8 different salmons were available last night.  We opted to go omakase – let the chef decide. 

There are 5 chefs behind the sushi bar.  You can actually request a particular chef for your meal.  The chefs also are preparing sushi for the entire restaurant at the same time but to sit in front of them, watch them work their magic is mesmerizing.  Also, the chefs are engaging.  Explaining each fish, the origin, what goes into each particular roll and how it should be eaten.  A dab of soy, no soy, just a touch of wasabi, is that enough wasabi, are you full yet? 

Everything was spectacular.  It would be hard to count the highlights.  Fatty tuna from Spain exploded with taste in your mouth.  The tuna had been scored so delicately across to let the flavor of the soy sauce he used to seep in.  Each piece should be eaten in one bite.  Our chef actually used a Japanese sea salt to heighten the taste with a few pieces.  The muscle of the fluke, white barbecued eel, wild yellowtail from Japan, I could go on and on.  Of interest was a grass sushi roll.  A special grass from Japan that tasted like fresh green spring onions mixed with a little special sauce and warm rice – it couldn’t have been better.  Jessica who isn’t a big sea urchin fan now has been converted. 

If you love sushi, it doesn’t get much better than this.