Katrina Relief?

I had lunch today at the Tabla Bread bar.  Good food but bad service.  But the time we all got our main course, half were cold because they had been sitting there for 10 minutes.  Oh well, still tasted delicious.

When the bill came, my friend told me to take a look.  One of the lines on the bill was for Katrina Relief.  You can give to Tabla (also one of the lines are for tip) and Tabla will send in your money to Katrina.  As much as I am a huge fan of getting behind organizations that help other people, I am not sure I want to be asked to give at a restaurant.  Do I seem like a bad customer not giving a contribution?  Do I look cheap?  Is it expected? 

If Tabla wants to give to Katrina, my hat is off to them, but don’t ask your patrons to participate on their bill.