Being a Mom

I have written on this topic before, being a Mom.  I have been thinking a lot about the ever changing roles Moms play.  At least the ever changing role I find myself in. 

I have been super busy lately which is why I haven’t blogged daily since we have returned from Xmas vacation.  The longer I have been out of the classic work life ( 9 to 5 in an office ) my new work life has evolved as so has many of my friends who have opted to balance the life of work, play and be a mom.

I have managed to create an umbrella for myself of different jobs.  Make sure everyone gets the TLC they need in our home from making dinner every night to scheduling the monthly, yearly and random doctor appts, bday events, dinner parties, theater, date nights, travel, summer activities, etc, etc.  Over the years I have been active in the school which I sit on some committees that happen to be active right now and I stay involved with a non-profit and sometimes have meetings to brainstorm or raise money.  Although I am not needed daily I keep on top of a few investments that we are in. 

Bottom line, my days are pretty busy these days but in many ways my job, per se, is lonely.  I have many balls in the air and try to sit down and write a blog at one point of the day but lately it hasn’t happened.  There is something missing being the lone man in an office that has many jobs that I can only fill.

When I ran the cosmetics department at Macy’s Kings Plaza, I found a true friend who ran the accessories Department.  We are still good friends today.  The businesses we were running were totally different but we had a camaraderie.  We had coffee in the morning and maybe lunch.  The conversations could be about anything but in essence we shared an office.  Sure I talk to friends over the course of the day and we discuss anything from eye cream to politics but once I hang up, I am sitting alone in my office with a huge "to do" list.

Believe me, I am quite aware what a full wonderful life I lead but believe it or not, sometimes it is lonely.  My guess is there are many more women out there that feel the same.  I’d love to hear from you.