Can I rant about the Olympics for a second? 

I so remember coming home after camp, racing home after camp, to see Olga Korbut and Mark Spitz.  I was so into it.  The excitement, the competition, the perfection.  I admit, I was looking forward to watching the summer Olympics this year.  Even after reading with disgust about China and the reality of the face they are attempting to show to the world and the reality of what goes on underneath.  No shit but you gotta believe. 

We got home from Edinburgh this afternoon, took a shower, and parked ourselves in front of the television.  Why NBC still hasn't figured out there is a reason that cable rocks.  Do we really care about all the behind the scenes nonsense?  At one point, for at least 45 minutes, we never saw a competition but a bunch of talking heads…who by the way look so awful that NBC should consider hiring a stylist and new makeup artist.  Ok, I will stop being caddy.

George Bush is there cheering the USA on.  Get real.  The world and his own country hates him.  He just wanted to get his last perk at a President. 

Here are my biggest pet peeves.  It began with a piece done by Marie Carillo being interviewed by Bob Costas.  Marie went to some small towns in rural China to see how they begin training the athletes at such a young age.   Marie is just awed on what the Chinese can do and how they support their athletes.  It is just phenomenal.  Ok, get over yourself Marie.  The Chinese Government embraces the young through their parents with bonus benefits such as a home and more money so they can move out of being complete peasants.  Hello.  Marie, why are you spinning the world some bullshit?  Then, we have the ads from Exxon telling us how they help with the eradication of malaria in Africa and why that makes them such a great company.  On yes, such a great company.  Did they get a tax benefit for that so they get create more customers interested in buying oil from Exxon who doesn't even pay for the mess that they created in Alaska so many years ago.  Still holding out in court to pay for their sins.  Bravo America.

Now we get to watch the gymnastics.  You must be 16 to perform.  Olympic rules.  Agreed that gymnastics does something to young womens bodies so they look younger than they are.  But, I'd bet a million bucks that the youngest star of the team isn't a day over 12.  But, hey China is putting on the Olympics so we should all turn a blind eye.  No remarks about how the Government built shitty schools in the rural areas so when the earthquake happened all the kids were killed.  That would be children from families that only are allowed to have one child but hey, who's commenting. 

Up next, Bulgaria.  NBC is commenting on how Bulgaria just doesn't have the gymnasts with the same drive at Nadia Commenici did.  Well, why would they?  At least Nadia had belief that her country was looking to the future.  Romania's economy isn't exactly rocking, there is no true leadership and the Government isn't exactly rooting for their athletes so why would they care.  Are we supposed to read between the lines or just say, oh, how sad.

I hate to be the cynic here but as much as I want to cheer on these athletes.  Their gusto, their drive, their desire to win, to be the best and how they have each dedicated their life to their sport….I am having trouble with the whole thing.  NBC is full of shit.  The Olympics have become political.  Maybe not as much in countries that don't use their athletes as pawns for the world platform called the Olympics.  But, I can't help myself as I sit here and yell at the TV.

The world watches the athletes perform.  Shame on NBC for their commentary.  Thinking that maybe this year, the old school methods will actually work.  Shame on them for not really stating the truth about what goes on in other countries.  Shame on them for acting as there are no politics involved and cheering other countries on with the "up close and personal" totally slanted towards happiness.

Watching the Olympics and the phony advertising and crappy journalism makes me pine for some serious change.  I hate being such a cynic but come on, there is something seriously wrong here that isn't being reported.