Treacle Pudding

Last night, after consuming a ridiculous amount of wine, we ordered the Treacle Pudding at The John Dory.  What is treacle pudding

My friend and I talked for a while with the pastry chef and he said it was a secret recipe.  He was giving out no information.  Today, I googled it.  Thank god for the internet.  What would any of us do without it? 

Treacle Pudding is traditional steamed English sponge pudding served with molasses or golden syrup on top.  The English part makes sense since April Bloomfield is a Brit.  The steamed part is true too but this pudding had a twist. 

A molded (like a small round pan) steamed pudding loaded with lemon peel.  The steamed part allows the cake (although it is called pudding) to be rich and moist.  On the side, she served a rich vanilla cream sauce.  One of the most incredibly desserts, ever.  I love lemon.  The picture is not from the restaurant.

If anyone out there has a recipe they are hiding for a dynamite lemon oriented treacle pudding, please send my way.  Otherwise, I think I am going to put on my baking hat and start experimenting in the kitchen.

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