Phone manners

Manners is such a pet peeve of mine.  That would be people who don't have them. 

This afternoon the phone rang with a 415 area code.  I picked it up and the person on the other end asked for Fred.  I said he was not home, can I ask who is calling?  She said Kara.  I called his cell phone and it was out of range so I am calling here.  Just tell him Kara called, he will know who it is.  I said, okay, begrudgingly (because I can't convey the nasty tone through a blog).  I asked can I ask where you are calling from?  She said, it is Kara, and gave me her number and then again repeated, have him call me, he knows who it is. 

What I really wanted to say was, Kara, you called his house.  Have some manners and give me your last name, where you are from and the phone number.  This isn't the secret service and get off your high horse and use your manners.  And btw, you shouldn't talk to an assistant with that attitude either. 

I told Fred, he laughed and he said I should have said that, it would have been epic.  I said, that I had manners and I had no idea who was on the other end.  He said, I give you the full nod to say that to the next obnoxious person who calls looking for me.  My answer was, gladly.