Is the year over yet?

I get the feeling that everyone is just looking forward to the end of this year.  Maybe it the economy or the constant media coming at us…way too much information.  Or maybe it is just the mild insanity I feel these days but I kind of want a fresh slate. 

The last few days I have been tying up loose ends from travel to new home to business deals to kids stuff, etc.  Frankly, I am exhausted.  I sort of feel like the picture.  Emily is the only one who is not blurry.  The feeling of being in a fog and looking for some sanity on the other end. 

I am once again in the throes of basketball.  I went to 4 games so far this week between Josh and Emily. 

We are off to Buenos Aires next week, any suggestions that I can add to the list, comment away.  Although I might find myself just chilling in a cafe but I seriously doubt it. 

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