Musings from Beaver Creek

N1367580064_8795 I came out early to hang with Jessica for a few days.  Great to catch up and see what's happening in her world and have a little one on one.  Her vacation is different than Josh and Emily. 

Luckily it snowed yesterday, a decent ski run was hard to find.  Slim pickings.  Good news it snowed, bad news all flights were canceled.  Jessica spent some time at Eagle Airport  waiting to fly out on Friday and then returned to Beaver Creek for another night before taking off this morning.  Not a happy camper. 

We went to Juniper for dinner.  Not as memorable as I remember actually not that good.  Why do some chefs just try too hard to come up with creations that don't work together?  We both sat down and I ordered us both a glass of wine.  The waitress asked for Jessica's ID which she did not have with her.  It is a fake ID, she's 19.  Would the waitress have confiscated it or give me a hard time for allowing that type of behavior?  It is absolutely ridiculous that I can't go to a nice restaurant with my 19 year old daughter – who can vote and be drafted – and not have a glass of wine with her.  There is definitely something wrong with the laws about alcohol in this country.  They missed out on revenues.  Neither of us had a glass.

We saw the Green Zone with Matt Damon.  Disturbing film.  Granted the film skews to the liberal left but I left the film with an even bigger disdain for politics and George Bush's administration when I walked out.  Jess and I spent the evening talking about politics. 

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After dropping Jessica off at the airport for the first time, I swung by the grocery store to fill up for the week.  The prices are much better here than NYC.  No surprises there.  This is my cart. 

I bought a huge brisket that was really 3 briskets in one and not prepped by a butcher.  It looked like a side of a cow.  I cut it up and put in the oven around 3PM at 350.  At 9, it still wasn't done.  I made a huge mess in the kitchen.  The brisket juice dripped all over the floor and in the bottom of the oven.  I sliced up the brisket, put it back in a new pan, covered it with tin foil and put it back in the oven at 930PM at 160 and let it hang out in the oven until I woke up this morning.  I had to get up early to get Jess to the airport, again, so I took the brisket out around 645AM.  Figuring the worse case scenario it was awful and I'd toss it.  Slow roast wins the award.  Except for the huge mess, the brisket came out perfect.  15 hours later.

I got pulled over by a cop after leaving Eagle Airport this morning.  I was in the right hand lane, we are talking a country road that divides when someone wants to make a right turn, and I didn't make the turn.  I didn't even realize it.  I actually veered into it so I could clean my windshield which was fogged up.  I wasn't even sure it was a cop behind me.  The car looked like an old black 4 door Vega that had been souped up.  The car had red and blue lights everywhere.  I couldn't decide if it was a kid or a cop.  Eventually I pulled over.  He wasn't happy with me for not pulling over but I told him that I wasn't sure if it was a police car or a souped-up car.  He gave me a warning.  First time I have pulled over in 20 years. 

21steele-articleInline Great article on Lockhart Steele in the New York Times Sunday magazine.  Who couldn't love a guy with a name like Lockhart?  Full disclosure, I am an investor in Curbed

Hoping health care passes tomorrow.  Might not be the best bill but it will be altered over time.  Jessica used that term, altered.  Perfect word for it. 

The rest of the crew comes in later today.  Looking forward to hitting the slopes tomorrow. 

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