I am thrilled to be part of the NYC mentors in the TechStars program this year.  Hundreds of companies applied, 11 are in.  Over the next three months these companies work with mentors and drill down on their business plan.  Sometimes the plans change, sometimes the name changes but the founders who are the glue of the business generally stay the same. The winner wins seed funding to start their business.

TechStars has grown dramatically since the inception beginning in Boulder Colorado.  The whole concept and how it works is really smart.  Click on the link to TechStars above and read more.  No women in this round which is unfortunate but am looking forward to meeting all the founders. 

David Cohen said something last night that stuck in my head.  Mentors bring their knowledge as well as their connections to the party which is incredibly powerful.  It isn't exactly what he said but that is the gist.  It is so true.  Helping other people grow their businesses with the relationships that you personally have means that you are tapping into the expertise of everyone you know.  I like that.

More on TechStars over the next few months.