i think i love you, a novel by allison pearson

David CassidyCover of David Cassidy

Images I stayed up last night to finish i think i love you, a novel by allison pearson.  the book is very british in its humor.  i had a hard time getting through the first half but really enjoyed the second half.  like theater, i generally check out after the first half if i don't like it but i stuck through it because i had to see what happened in the end. 

why did i had to stick it through?  because the book is about david cassidy.  two 13 year old girls who worship david cassidy in the first half of the novel and then in the second half, at middle age, they reconnect to go see him perform and meet him in person.  you can only laugh and relate if you were a david cassidy fan.

teen beat was one of my all time favorite magazines growing up.  i had david cassidy pictures on my wall just like the girls in the book but i wasn't loyal.  i also had bobby sherman and as much as i though donny osmond was cute i couldn't get pass the mormon thing ( even at that age ). 

that time of my life was short lived.  i was into plastering the wall next to my bed with their posters at 9 years old and then it was over.  but i can recall those posters as if they were yesterday.  hence, i had to finish the book and the hilarious insightful recent interview the author has with david cassidy at the end of the book. 

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