a little bit of art this week

I met my Mom's dearest friend at the MOMA for a little art and lunch on Monday.  I have definitely not been doing enough art these days.  I liked what my Mom's friend said about NYC.  We are so lucky to live here and enjoy what is available to us.  She takes full advantage from going to the Cloisters on Sunday to the MOMA on Monday to the opening of the McQueen exhibit at the Met on Tuesday and basically that is what the rest of her week was shaping up to be.  I love that! 

At the MOMA, there were a few new exhibits I had not seen.  Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now was fantastic.  I only wish that there had been more.  There has probably not been a very cohesive art community in South Africa not that there hasn't been many artists.  Getting the art into galleries, homes and places to be seen has probably just begun post-apartheid.  There was only two rooms and I loved the work.  The one above is by Sandile Goje.  The top one is by Williams Kentridge. 

I also attended the American Federation of Arts luncheon.  I went because a friend of mine, who I definitely don't see enough, asked me to come and she was co-chairing the event.  Angela Westwater spoke and listening to her speak about her life in the art world was educational as well as inspirational.  She has been involved with the art world in NYC for decades.  Her gallery is called Sperone Westwater.

Sperone Westwater is a brand new building located on the Bowery that she talked about briefly in regards to finding the architect to create the ultimate space to show art.  What was more interesting is the photos and artists such as Bruce Nauman and Sol Le Wit who she met in the early days.  She has been nurturing artists such as William Wegman, Nauman and Richard Tuttle since the beginnings of their careers.  Really impressive.

What always strikes me as amazing is when you listen to women like Angela who not only love the arts but seeing the world through her eyes.  She showed the audience pictures of the exhibits she had done over the years and many of them were installations.  Those installations looked like many installations that I have seen over the years that I have a very hard time understanding their value and importance in the art world.  Angela certainly understood that value as many of their works are in major galleries at this point. 

I have yet to go down to see the new Sperone Westwater but am definitely making it a priority.

On another note, get up to the MOMA to see the ongoing Design exhibit.  I took a picture of the original Macintosh which is definitely worth seeing in person.  The servers are there too. 

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