summer is about the farm stand

Farmer market
There is nothing quite like your local farm stand in the summer.  I definitely have my favorites that I go to over the course of the week but there is a roaming group of vendors that move from town to town over the course of the week.  This particular farm stand is held on Wednesdays in Amagansett and they are in Montauk on Thursdays. 

Many of these vendors are either local farms or local artisans.  I bought a variety of things from the local artisans.  This is Fresh Flavors.  He makes pies, tarts, fresh mozzarella and these delicious products to bring home in a jar.  I picked up a jar of the duck leg and pistachio rillet. 

These women started their business not that long ago.  Amgansett Sea Salt Company.  Made by hand from small batches from the Atlantic Ocean that is then filtered and dried.  Really good.

A variety of honeys from the area.  This woman harvests honey from a variety of beekeepers on the end of Long Island.  I picked up the cream honey which needs to be kept in the refrigerator.  It is super thick and is perfect spread on a piece of bread.  Thinking about peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches this weekend.  

How could I not pick up a bag of natural treats for Ollie?  He is enjoying his pumpkin biscottis.

I am excited to see the husk cherries in bloom.  They are really interesting and flavorful.

Let There Be Light is a line of handmade candles and soaps.  Really smells amazing.  No ecommerce yet.

Little kitchen
Estia's Little Kitchen makes spicy bottles of sauce that is perfect to zest up your taco or anything for that matter.

I am a supporter of Amber Wave Farms and I love that they are pushing it to the limit out there growing wheatberries on top of an array of zucchini that I got last week.

There is really nothing like the homemade products made at the local farmers market.  RIght up my alley.