Returning to an Android

Images-1I remember walking down the street in 1993 and seeing this guy walking down the street with this HUGE phone attacked to his ear.  I thought to myself how ridiculous it was that he had to be walking down the street with a phone conducting business.  Couldn't it just wait until he got back to the office?  It just seemed to insane. 

Fast forward many years and that is how we all conduct our lives.  I have had a Treo, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and I know there were others.  It has been a revolving door of phones in our entire families livess.  The kids had the Motorola flip phones.  It is amazing how far the phone revolution has come.

I had an android and really liked it but found it too heavy and clunky.  I decided it was time to move to an iPhone.  How could I have waited this long?  Guess what, I stayed with the phone for two months and switched back to an Android.  Why?  Google. 

Phones to me are like cars.  Cars are just about getting me from one point to another as long as they are relatively comfy and the user interface is intelligent (although I have yet to find one car that truly is).  A phone needs to have email, google maps, my calendar, my contacts and hopefully some apps that I really want.  I use Gmail and it just isn't that seamless on an iPhone so I returned this week to an Android.

I got the Samsung Galaxy 2 Android Skyrocket and I love it.  Super fast and easy to use.  The one negative is that it is a bit big for my hand but I have tiny hands.  I am sure some people think that is nuts but at the end of the day it is all about the user interace and speed.