A fundraiser using Chef Charles through Kitchensurfing

I have been using the same caterer for over a decade.  I love working with Thom.  I literally shoot him and email and tell him the dates and we are set.  He just sends me the menu sometime before the event, I sign off and that's it.  I can literally show up 10 minutes before the event knowing that everything is perfect. 

I know that is not the norm as many people don't know where to go or who to use…so that is where Kitchensurfing comes in to play.  I am investor in KS so obviously I have to move out of my box and give it a whirl for some events here and there.  This week we had a fund raiser for Fred's fraternity at MIT and Chef Charles provided the food.  Absolutely delicious.

The menu was chorizo in puff pastry (take on the classic pigs in a blanket and one of my faves), vegetable samosa with chili tamarind and cucumber raita, braised pork Vietnamese summer rolls with sweet plum sauce, herb & pretzel crusted chicken & bacon lollipops with a cilantro lime aioli, mushrooms stuffed with herb goat cheese and truffle oil and last but not least spinach & feta cups.

A fun event seeing a lot of faces we have not seen for years.  Chef Charles made the event seamless which at the end of the day is truly the key to entertaining in your home.