Misono is all about the kobe beef.  Located at the top of a building in the Ginza section of Tokyo.  We were ushered back to a semi-circular table where one half was bar stools and the other half was a hot stainless grill.  

Once we sat down they gave us each a plate of cured ham.  Then the grilling began.

Veggies on grill
Our chef put the vegetables on the grill.

Veggies and how they cook
Then he put the pot over them to grill and roast at the same time.

A salad came out with a very light vinegar based dressing.

Veggies toeat
Voila our veggies are ready to eat.

Here is our kobe beef raw.  See the garlic slices next to it?  I nixed that.

Our chef seasoning the meat.

Slices of meat ready to eat.

A small dessert to end the night.  Strawberry ice cream, cheese cake and a strawberry.

Nice night.  Very rich meat.  You do not need a lot to hit the wall.