more on 24 hours in Los Angeles

My brother and I went out for lunch at Superba.  Great name, defines the food.   There is an enclosed outdoor porch and an indoor area with a big open kitchen.  Very LA vibe.  We split three things.  Not a lot of food but trust me I will be back for a full on dinner.

Started with a hibiscus iced tea with mint.  Really refreshing. 

We began with the crispy brussels sprouts.  They had fried up the brussel sprouts and then put them in a dashi broth and laid in a poached egg with chopped scallions over the top.  Unbelievable.  I am definitely attempting to make this at home.  The intensity of the broth mixed together with crispy brussels mixed made messy with an egg and the bite of scallions was over the top good.

This was clever too but not as wow.  Crab melt.  Crab salad over a toasted slab of brioche dressed with a old bay aioli and jarlsberg melted over the top.  Homemade pickles on the side that had a serious bite of vinegar.

This pasta was so rich that I dare someone to eat the whole thing.  Wakame based spaghetti so house made.  The spaghetti itself was dense.  The spaghetti is mixed with uni, crab, miso butter & pickled jalapenos.  It is the miso butter that really gels the dish.  Killer.

Then we went back to the house before I took off to go back to Utah for vacation.  Ruby, my niece, was having her birthday party that night.  The theme was Breakfast At Tiffanys.  The table was set in the Tiffany color with blue and white m & ms.  The girls were having a dinner party, catered by my brother and sister-in-law and their friend Lucy.  After dinner the girls would watch Breakfast at Tiffanys and have a slumber party.  Dress up was part of the event.  My niece looked the part.

Looking forward to spending a lot more time out in Los Angeles.