It is all about economics

Dollar-signI have been having a similar conversation with a few people over the past few days.  The topics are Florida and Texas.  The stand-your-ground law in Florida that allows citizens to patrol their neighborhoods with concealed weapons that led to the killing of an unarmed African-American teen who supposedly looked suspicious.  In Texas, the strict controversial abortion law banning any abortion after 20 weeks that became a law last week.  I'd like to see Rick Perry get pregnant by mistake and have to go through the anxiety of attempting to have an abortion or having the state Government live in his bedroom. 

There are some major events that take place in both states that bring in millions of dollars into both Texas and Florida.  What would happen if Art Basel Miami decided that they are going to pull out and instead do Los Angeles Art Basel.  All those economic dollars would be sucked out of Florida. 

What if the people who run Austin City Limits or the people behind SXSW opted to pull out of the state of Texas to make a statement about the abortion law?  Although Austin is a small Democratic oasis inside a conservative state perhaps the law makers would begin to feel different. 

We are in the process of passing gay marriage in almost every state.  More than likely the legalization of marijuana will start to move across the country which will be a huge boon in tax dollars.  Yet in other states there is a movement in a completely opposite direction.

When the gun law was not passed in the Senate and there were a handful of Democrat senators that voted against its passage I decided not to financially support them anymore.  It isn't a huge amount of money but I am pretty sure I am not the only person who made that conscious decision.  In the end it all adds up.  If organizations decided to pull the plug on major events that bring huge dollars into those states, then perhaps the hard core conservatives who are becoming a minority not a majority would think twice before they voted.