Esteban Cabeza de Baca

art4Our friends have been patrons of Columbia Universities graduate art program.  They essentially fund the opportunity for artists to come and spend an extended period of time going to art school at Columbia to learn and also create.  One of the artists that went thru this program is Esteban Cabeza de Baca and I was fortunate enough to go visit his studio.

artEsteban is an incredibly talented young man from San Diego, CA.  He paints what he sees, what he dreams and how he feels.  You can tell that his work is evolving.  It will be very interesting to see where he is in even two years.

art1I took many pictures but these are some of the highlights of his work.

paletI always love to see an artists table.

theartistEsteban is absolutely charming and humble.  This particularly piece behind him I really liked although there was nothing similar to that in the studio.  Where he takes that concept is one that I plan to follow.