Ratapoli du Faubourg, Paris


Every time we travel I do try and find a restaurant that specializes in fish.  Ratapoli du Faubourg is that place.  Many of the restaurants in Paris we have been going to of late as in the 10th.  Still affordable rent.  The menu consists of a mixture of small plates so you can choose how many you want.  We opted to split a handful of them.  We sat in the back and Fred watched the chef prepare the meals coming out of the kitchen.  Quite good.  I’d go back here anytime.


They started us off with a small bowl of a beet horseradish pate with a savory whipped cream.  Wow.


Oysters from Normandy had been delivered that morning.  They are always out of this world.  Plump and briny.  Just like we like them.


Raw scallops topped with half of a black grape crushed nuts, greens and a hint of lemon.

foie gras

Foie gras is always a must in Paris.  This was served with a berry jelly on the side.


Slices of octopus over a bed of thinly sliced fennel and celery.  Nice and refreshing.


Razor clams that might have been the best I have ever had them.  Roasted and sweet.


A roasted white fish served with bok choy.


We watched this dessert come out of the kitchen and decided we had to try it ourselves.  Woah.  A scoop of chocolate mousse with a piece of a light brownie cake.  Dollops of whipped cream on the side all topped with hazelnuts.  Out of this world.

Loved this place.  All the waiters wore blue and white sailor shirts too.  Super simple with plenty to choose from.