The Hunting Ground

We went to see a screening of the Hunting Ground this past week.  There was a lot of buzz around this movie at Sundance this year so I was really happy to be invited to a screening.

The Hunting Ground is a documentary film about sexual assaults on college campuses directed by Kirby Dick.  Amy Ziering is the producer who also produced The Invisible War, an investigation into the epidemic of rapes in the military.

The film is powerful.  It should be seen at every college campus at orientation.  What is the most interesting is how each college administration is completely out of its element dealing with sexual assaults that have been reported.

There are two young women in the film who were the change agents forcing this issue to come to light through Title IX.  They started talking to their peers and became a community for victims across the country.  They put their heads together and figured out how to file a law suit against UNC for failing to hold up to Title IX law.  Impressive young women.

There was an article in the NYX over the weekend that from a woman who had been assaulted in 1997 at UVA.  She describes her experience with the university that is not so different than the experiences of victims today.  20 years later and nothing has changed.

Someone told me this the other day about a woman who had her rape case get to trial.  She happened to be a prostitute. Here is what her lawyer asked the jury.  Think about your last sexual experience.  Would you be able to share with everyone the details of that experience for hours on a stand?  Would you be willing to describe the activity word for word?  My guess is very few people would be willing to do that.  Sexual assault victims are asked to do that.  It is not easy and they should be applauded for coming forward not victimized and debased for reporting a crime that has happened to them.

I hope this documentary starts to be seen and talked about.  The hope is that dealing with sexual assaults on college campuses will have a process that will give the victims recourse.  Think about how hard it is to come forward.