Rotary Phones

Starting in high school I worked for the Montgomery County Department of Recreation. It helped keep the local office organized and eventually oversaw it by my senior year in high school. What I really loved was that I coached afternoon sports for the 30+ local elementary and junior high schools in the area. I coached everything from flag football, soccer, softball, and basketball. It was really a great experience.

The kids would show up after school and then their parents would pick them up when the program ended that day. One day a kid was hanging around waiting for his parents to pick him up. At one point I decided we should go up to the principals office in the school and have the kid call home. It was either calling home or calling the parents work because mobile did not exist.

In the office was an old rotary phone. The secretary asked the kid what his number was so she could call them. I piped up saying that the kid was more than capable of using a phone and calling his parents. She looked at me and said “well these kids have never used this kind of phone”. At this point the phones were all push button. I remember thinking how crazy that was. It was 1977.

Looking back at that random event that made me think about how innovation was moving us forward so I got a kick out of the video that Business Insider put up around kids and those old fashioned rotary phones.