the curator gallery

gallery1Ann Moore is an impressive woman.  She began her career at Time Magazine in 1978 and rose up to the ranks of Chairman and CEO of Time Inc before retiring a few years ago. Her impact in the publishing world is tremendous but more important she is one of a handful of women who broke that glass ceiling for the generations of women that came after her.  When she got her MBA from Harvard in 1978 there were only a few other women in her class.  I am sure Ann’s strong, magnanimous and competitive drive was lost on nobody when she began her career.

galleryShe is charting new territories these days in her supposedly retirement.  She always loved collecting art.  A personal passion.  She noticed that her son and all of his friends who had empty walls and money to spend not expanding their horizons and learning about the art world.  She decided to make it her mission to get them all to collect art.
alexandra penneyOne person might just take a few people into Chelsea for an afternoon but not Ann.  Ann decided the right way to go about it was to open a gallery and not only educate many but support emerging and mid-career artists.
snowThe Curator Gallery is at street level on 23rd Street.  They exhibit prints, paintings, photography and sculpture.  They have seminars on Wednesday nights around how to collect art.  She rents her space out to people for events.  There are also water color classes available on Sundays.
flowerHer real goal is to just give back and be part of a community she has always admired and turned a hobby into a full time gig.  Ann is so excited about what she is doing and you can tell the second you meet her.  She is just beaming when she talks about the art, the artists, the collectors, the education, etc.
printWhat I love more than anything is she was a leader from the beginning of her career and she is continuing to be a leader for another generation of women who are wondering what to do with their retirement.  Note to self…don’t golf.