Constantly fine-tuning

I recently gave a Tedx talk at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).  It has yet to come online and I will post when it does. My talk was about ambition and the importance of giving women and girls the permission to take their unbridled ambition and run with it.

Considering the talk is now engrained in my head, I continue to think about what I spoke about.  The key here, for everyone, is finding happiness.  I have had multiple careers, there truly was no role model for the path I have taken.  My only role model was my ambition that included figuring out how to get myself back to the work world after taking time off with my kids.  I needed to be in the work world because I love it.  Conversations around building businesses have always excited me and the phrase “always be selling” could be turned on its head for me to be “always figure out the business”.  When ever I go to an exercise class, the first thing I do is figure out how many people are in the room and multiple that by the cost per class to come up with the gross revenue for the class and then work that into how many classes are taught a week, how many instructors are there and then take it out to a full year.  I can’t help myself.

Working makes me feel good about me.  I remember very clearly looking in the mirror before I embarked on this last journey and thinking to myself….what happened to that young ambitious self?  I needed to go back and find her.

It isn’t easy figuring out a path when motherhood comes into play.  Those emotions are powerful and everyone reacts to them differently.  Some choose to stay home for awhile and others can’t.  One of the reasons I am passionate about Path Forward, an organization I co-chair that helps women return to the workforce, is that I know how hard it is to get back in the game.  When you own your own game it is empowering.

Ambition is a powerful desire and although I am constantly fine-tuning, I really believe that ambition has been one of my driving forces.