Cambodia, Day 2

When the kids were young, one of the favorite board games they would play over a course of a weekend would be Risk.  If you have not played the game before, it is essentially about world domination.  Like Monopoly which is about being the king landlord of all the properties, Risk is about being the king of all the countries.

We have now been in Southeast Asia for over a week.  Heading to Laos next and I keep thinking about Risk.  These beautiful countries with warm friendly people who have been destroyed by rulers and of course war.  The US has certainly had their hand in all of this as well as Russia and China.  These days everything feels fragile all over again.  At the end of the day, I truly believe most people just want a roof over their head, family, and friends close by, food on the table and a stable job….and of course healthcare.

We made our way out to Angkor Thom & Enigmatic Bayon today.  These were both used around the 16th Century.  They are beautiful temples that were put back together by the French, almost like a jigsaw puzzle after so many years of decay.

Honestly, the pictures do not do the place justice.  I just kept taking photos.

This is one of me just staring at the images carved into stone.

Through each door, there is something else to see.

After the morning of temples, we hit the water.  We took a boat down through the stilted homes over to Tonle Sap, one of the largest bodies of water in Southeast Asia that flows from the Mekong River.  Our boat went through this area where people move twice a year due to the floods.  Right now the river is high so we can easily boat down to the lake.  During other times of the year, there is no water.  99% of the people here are fisherman.

A moving store.

We had a really great lunch on board before heading back.

On the way back to town we drove through a residential neighborhood where there are many lotus flower farms.

Back for some rest and relaxation and dinner at the hotel.  The greenery, the people, the whole place takes over your senses.