Flipping the tables on the podcast this week, it is me. #23

Episode 23: Turning the Tables – This week we’re turning the tables and putting me, the Gotham Gal in the hot seat. I am interviewed by Alexandra O’Daly, who works with me every day and we talk about the path that led me to become the investor I am today, what informs my passion for investing in women entrepreneurs — and gives some insights into my ‘take no bs from anyone’ attitude

Tami Forman, Path Forward, Getting Mom’s Back to Work, Podcast

This week, Tami Forman discusses the work her organization is doing to help women return to the workforce after taking time away for motherhood or other family care giving. As Executive Director of Path Forward, Tami has poured her personal passion for gender equality at home and at work into a nonprofit organization with a vital mission.

We Couldn’t NOT Do It, Joanna McFarland, Hop Skip Drive, Podcast

Co-Founder & CEO of HopSkipDrive, Joanna McFarland, chats with us about how all roads led to quitting her job and diving into the startup world with the idea of creating a safe and dependable ride service for kids. Joanna shares her interesting career path, one in which she leveraged her fears and uncertainties into success — making it a point to explore and understand anything that intimidated or confounded her. Joanna’s measured approach to risk taking is certainly one to take a few pointers from.

Linda Ong, A Brand is an Ideology, Podcast

Linda Ong, branding powerhouse & Chief Culture Officer of Civic Entertainment Group, sat down with me this week to chat about how her own “mish-mash” of cultural identities informed her career — one in which she’s created cultural identities for companies and media networks alike. Linda breaks down how she approaches the building of a brand identity with her own clients, and her insights are not to be missed!

Tracy DiNunzio, Tradesy, From Learning to Closing, podcast

On episode #18 of Positively Gotham Gal, we talk with Tracy DiNunzio, Founder and CEO of Tradesy, an online platform where women can buy and sell from their own closets. Tracy’s scrappy approach to success is both tenacious and endearing — a great inspiration story for anyone in need of a swift kick in the pants in the start- up world.

Alexis Maybank, Changing Direction Can Be A Good Thing, Podcast

This week’s conversation features Alexis Maybank, Co-Founder & CEO of Project September, the first entirely visual shopping platform. Alexis lets us in on her previous experience as the Co-founder of the luxury e-commerce site, Gilt, and how she let changes in consumer behavior, and new ideas, influence her in a positive way to start her latest venture.

Nina Luu, Episode 16, Building a Diverse Team

Chatted with Nina Luu, Founder & CEO of Shippabo, about how she came up with the idea for her successful startup and what really sets them apart from other solutions in the marketplace. Nina’s approach to management and diversity in considering how to build her company’s team takes on unexpected difficulties that she shares with us here — it’s definitely worth a listen for anyone thinking about growth and culture.


A New Way to Tell A Story, Amanda Kludt, podcast

I have been fortunate to watch Amanda Kludt, Editor-in-Chief at Eater, grow into this role.  I have known Amanda for almost a decade.  Her insight into the food industry is worth listening to.  She has always had her finger on the pulse.   I highly recommend signing up for her weekly down-lows on the world of food.   I loved this conversation.

Jean Poh, Changing One of the Oldest Industries, Podcast

Jean comes from a long line jewelers.  We talked about her business Swoonery and how it is changing an industry that has been around for centuries.  Technology touches everything.

Erin Bagwell, Choosing to be Your Own Distributor, Podcast

Erin Bagwell is the director, producer, entrepreneur and visionary behind Dream Girl.  Dream Girl is a film that is about showing other women especially young girls that there are female entrepreneurs out there and that they can be too.  This film has been shown around the globe.  Erin’s approach to the film, the distribution including how she raised the capital is the new model.  The next generation of film makers should be taking note.  We sat down to talk about her endeavor to get this film made.

Dana Cowin, Lead and Exceed, Podcast

I met Dana Cowin more than a several years ago now.  I was in London having dinner and she was a few tables over from me.  I recognized her as I have been an avid subscriber of Food and Wine for now over 30 years.  I went over to her table and introduced myself.  We had a few friends in common and when I returned to NYC one of them reached out for us to connect and have dinner.  We have been having dinner and more since then.  Her birds-eye view of the food industry is like no other.  It was really fun to sit down with her and chat about her career starting as an editor at Food and Wine to her next journey in the world of food.  Highly suggest following her on Instagram for some fantastic photos.

Challenging the Health Care Model, Katherine Ryder, Podcast

I met Katherine after she left the venture world and was charting her life as an entrepreneur.  She finally found the right path with Maven.  Maven connects patients and providers with video or messaging.  They are able to give advice, provide prescriptions and everything else in between.  Think of it as a place for women to get care digitally.  I love their tag line; prescriptions or advice by video appointment or private message. Whenever, wherever.

Katherine and I sat down to talk about her journey.  An interesting path to get her to where she is today.

Positively Gotham Gal, Karen Cahn, iFundWomen

Karen is the founder of iFundWomen a crowdfunding platform for women-led businesses.  Karen has been part of the tech industry of NY since the start.  This platform is not only giving women a voice but capital to build on their ideas.  They can tell their stories, raise capital and be part of a community.  Karen is passionate about the women she is helping and her enthusiasm shows in our conversation.

Enjoy the podcast!

Podcast, Marianne Courville, The Alchemist of Entrepreneurship

Marianne Courville is the founder of The Hudson Standard, a line of small batch cocktail bitters and syrups.


Monday Podcast, Sara Chipps, Jewelbots, If Your Partner Wouldn’t Hire You, Then You Shouldn’t Hire Them.

Sara Chipps, Jewelbots

Podcast Monday, The Surprises Never Stop Coming, Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, Food 52

Podcast with Maiko Kyogoku, Restaurants Are A People’s Business

Today’s episode is with Maiko Kyogoku, the owner of the restaurant Bessou.

Positively Gotham Gal Podcast, Open and Honest Conversations with Caren Maio

This week’s Podcast is with Caren Maio, Founder and CEO of Nestio.

Podcast Monday is the new theme

I am going to start posting podcasts on Monday like I used to post entrepreneur of the week.  This time instead of reading the piece you can listen.  20 minute sound bites.

This one is Just Build with Nancy Lublin.

One person can change everything….oh, and a new podcast

There is a new podcast up.  Worth the listen.  Umber Ahmad of Mah Ze Dahr Bakery.  You can now subscribe on Itunes.


imagesIn a company one person can change everything.  A sales person can join the team and the trajectory can change overnight.  A new COO can join the team and take a look at the company from bottom up, shift a few things around responsibilities and all of a sudden you have a fine oiled machine.

One bad apple in a company can reek havoc on the culture.  Some founders have a hard time firing that one person for fear of the team being upset, or hoping that tomorrow will be a better day but pretty much 10 times out of 10 when they do let that bad apple go the team sighs a huge gasp of relief.  The question is always, “why didn’t anyone say anything?”  The reality is most don’t.  They are looking for leadership and believe in in the culture they are creating.

It isn’t easy being the founder.  It is a tough job yet it is also an exhilarating job.  I have also seen founders become paralyzed around hiring.  It is hard to put the cart before the horse but in the start-up world those risks are weighed daily.

I have seen companies have 24 cents in the bank and boom they get funded and life changes.  It is the same thing with people.  One person can change the whole game.



Positively Gotham Gal

After writing over hundreds of Monday posts called Women Entrepreneur of the week it was time for a change.  And so…I began a podcast.  It is called Positively Gotham Gal which is an ode to Positively 10th Street, a podcast our family did on a weekly basis back in early 2000 that is unfortunately nowhere to be found.

The podcast will be around entrepreneurship.  It is short, sweet with worthwhile tidbits.  I will post them weekly and get a widget up on the blog.

imgresThe first guest is Margit Detweiller.  One of her companies is TueNight.  This one is called “The Power of the Older Woman.”  Here is the first podcast.