Monday Podcast, Sara Chipps, Jewelbots, If Your Partner Wouldn’t Hire You, Then You Shouldn’t Hire Them.

Sara Chipps, Jewelbots

Podcast Monday, The Surprises Never Stop Coming, Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, Food 52

Podcast with Maiko Kyogoku, Restaurants Are A People’s Business

Today’s episode is with Maiko Kyogoku, the owner of the restaurant Bessou.

Positively Gotham Gal Podcast, Open and Honest Conversations with Caren Maio

This week’s Podcast is with Caren Maio, Founder and CEO of Nestio.

Podcast Monday is the new theme

I am going to start posting podcasts on Monday like I used to post entrepreneur of the week.  This time instead of reading the piece you can listen.  20 minute sound bites.

This one is Just Build with Nancy Lublin.

Positively Gotham Gal

After writing over hundreds of Monday posts called Women Entrepreneur of the week it was time for a change.  And so…I began a podcast.  It is called Positively Gotham Gal which is an ode to Positively 10th Street, a podcast our family did on a weekly basis back in early 2000 that is unfortunately nowhere to be found.

The podcast will be around entrepreneurship.  It is short, sweet with worthwhile tidbits.  I will post them weekly and get a widget up on the blog.

imgresThe first guest is Margit Detweiller.  One of her companies is TueNight.  This one is called “The Power of the Older Woman.”  Here is the first podcast.