Golda’s Balcony

My friend, who’s opinion I trust, told me that I must see Golda’s Balcony. She was lucky enough to see it this summer off-Broadway, where the theater was probably smaller and more intimate. But, by the time I was able to get tickets, the play had arrived on Broadway. So glad that this play continued on. Wow!

My knowledge about the life of Golda Meir was limited so from a historical standpoint, the play really teaches you about her life. It is a one woman play, without intermission. Tovah Feldshuh is truly amazing. I do not know how she possibly does this every night. It has to be physically and mentally exhausting.

The play intertwines the life of Golda Meir through her role as the Prime Minister and how she dealt during the 6 Day war when Syria and Egypt went to war with Israel. How she thought, how she dealt with her comrades, her generals on each day. Also, going back to meeting her husband, raising her children, living in the US but wanting to be part of zionism. What a woman!

Golda Meir was a woman before her time. She loved the power and she loved Israel. She did not want to stay home and make matzah balls but with the power came sacrifices like her family. Today, we see how hard it is to be a Super Mom. You just can’t be everything. Something always gives. In her case, Israel is lucky that she was willing to put all that on the line. She had more nerve and balls than any man might have had.

Definitely a play worth seeing. True theater. The audience loved it. It is obvious that Tovah loves playing this character.