Halloween in NYC

Greenwich Village is a halloween lover’s paradise. Since I am a halloween lover, last night was truly top. I have 3 kids – of all different ages. I started with my youngest at 3:30, right after school. We went with an entourage of people through Bleeker Street. The stores love it! My son decided (with the help of his aunt) to be Joey Ramone. He’s very into the Ramone’s so the costume was perfect. The older kids walking through the streets definitely knew who he was and needless to say, he loved it! We finished Bleeker and roamed up 7th avenue and then cut across on 10th street over to 5th Avenue. We were with friends of ours, and decided it was time to empty the bag and start anew.

The blocks of 10, 11 and 12th between 5 and 6th are completely closed off to cars due to the parade. Perfect for trick or treating. Also, the block associations give you a list of houses and apartment buildings definitely interesting in trick or treaters. There is one building on West 11th that is so into it that the doormen have made every floor look like a haunted house with dead people and skeletons lying in random hallways. It’s great.

Thank god for cell phones because we were able to hook up with my other 2 daughters and their pals. My middle daughter went as a devil with her friend. They were both devils. My oldest went with her pal dressed up as an early Britney Spears. Very school girl cute. Something you could only wear at 12 years old. Friends ended up coming in from Westchester to see the parade. They took a ladder down to 6th avenue and watched the parade from up top. Then, we basically ended up at our stoop with a variety of kids and friends and mega candy at the end of the night.

We all hung out on the stoop, had some wine, some drinks, listened to music and gave away candy to the parade goers as they reentered the village. The people passing us were so psyched that we were giving out candy. After all, what is Halloween with out a little candy? It was a blast watching the costumes stroll by.

When the stragglers finally finished, we got down to some serious candy sorting and trading. After all, this is definitely one of the best parts of the night. We have combined all the candy and have enough to last at least until next Halloween.